About Chantal

Chantal Deacon Daniel qualified with a Nutrition and Health Coaching course as well as a four year Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (Plaskett). She has a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Clinical Psychology and Organisational Psychology (University of Cape Town) and an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology (Stellenbosch University) as well as having completed many other nutritional and health courses. Chantal also regularly contributes articles to The South African Journal of Natural Medicine and is a qualified First Line Therapy Lifestyle Educator. She strongly believes in continued education and has a keen interest in functional medicine. She is passionate about health, nutrition and wellness and assists in guiding people towards making sustainable lifestyle changes.

Chantal’s strong interest in natural sports nutrition stems from assisting her husband, who was an ultra distance trail runner, as well as her athletic clients, over many years. She helped fine tune the nutritional needs of intense exercise whilst optimising health and longevity. She developed the Naturally Nourished product range with a focus on ease of use, improved performance, endurance and recovery as well as longevity. Subsequently she has expanded the offering in the shop to include other well known brands that she and her clients love to use.