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I recently underwent a metabolic detox process which was incredibly successful under the guidance of Chantal. I lost 12 kg and managed to keep the weight down. My life has changed and I am loving the new feeling in my body, mind and spirit. Chantal has a caring and nurturing way and I would highly recommend her services to anyone serious about implementing optimal health. 


Chantal is a true wellness partner and takes a holistic view of health (including mental well being). In an incredibly positive way Chantal encourages me to see taking care of my body as its own reward and is very supportive of my journey. I have not only seen clear results with weight loss but also feel empowered to keep looking after my health


Chantal has made an incredibly positive change and impact with my dietary challenges. I have IBS which can be very difficult to deal with at times but with Chantal’s insight and holistic knowledge, she has caringly led me to solutions that really work and have brought me so much relief.
As an athlete she has guided me to make better supplement choices and I have seen the rapid results in my energy levels. I highly recommend Chantal’s nutritional advice and invaluable guidance that always brings out the best in myself and well and many others. Working with Chantal to make better nutritional choices has really been a complete game changer for me.


“I am blown away at the amount of information that was documented in my sessions with Chantal. I feel so much more equipped as a Mom to give my children the very best in life. Genetic brain profiling has helped my understanding of them as authentic human beings, and I feel confident in how I can guide them through these beginning years of their lives.”


“Chantal put my children at ease and they were very happy to do the assessment with her. The feedback sessions were really interesting, comprehensive and so useful in understanding how my kids’ brains operate! I would highly recommend genetic brain profiling for all parents in order to better understand how your kids’ brains are wired, and especially how to best help them with functioning optimally at school and under stress.” 


I recently had my genetic brain organisation profile assessment with Chantal Daniel. I am so impressed at how thorough and accurate the assessment was - I had quite a few Aha! moments.

After studying my report, I realized just how much advantage would lie in understanding one's specific profile information at a young age - I'd recommended that all children be assessed so they can harness further potential in a learning environment!