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I loved recording this conversation with Elle from Wonderfully Wired. She is a wealth of knowledge and we are so aligned in our thinking around understanding children. 

Listen here to our conversation.

"Is it helpful to look at which part of the brain is dominant to help us understand our chidren's unique wiring?  Is dominance only left or right or are there other modalities that can help us understand how our children process information, feel love or express frustration.

Chantal Deacon Daniel introduces us to the Genetic Brain Profiling Tool .  Chantal believes the tool can give us insight into our children (and ourselves) that can help families love each other better, discipline wiser and communicate clearer.

We talk about the tool but also about Chantal's own story of resilience and the power of a mom willing to be intentional and tenacious in serving her family. "


Read the article too.


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