What is Genetic Brain Organisation Profiling?

Genetic brain profiling is a physical assessment during which the Genetic Blueprint of brain dominance is determined of a person as established at conception.  The basal or genetic dominance profile indicates the dominance of hemisphere as well as that of the 4 modalities namely the hand, foot, ear and eye. The Genetic profile is innate and influences the way that the body and mind process information.  Processing refers to how a person takes in, assimilates, and processes sensory information and will tend to respond to others and/or express him or herself. The hemisphere and modalities not dominant gives indication of skills and attributes that needs deliberate development in order to function holistically in society.

  Firstly the genetic profile pre-determines behaviour during:

¨    Normal functioning;

¨    How information is heard;

¨    How information is seen;

¨    Potential regarding the 12 intelligence's – which intelligence’s the individual is born with and which ones needs deliberate development;

¨    Concentration span;

¨    Patience levels;

¨    Hyperactivity;

¨    Interpersonal skills;

¨    Decision making preference;

¨    Interaction with others, etc. and

¨    Which sport and hobbies you will perform better in and which career will match their profile best!

 Secondly the profile is relevant to determine the learners performance during stress.  During stress the non-dominant hemisphere will close down because of synaptic stress that will automatically occur in that side first.  

The Genetic profile will then indicate which modality/ies (functioning of the ear, eye, hand or foot) are directly affected or blocked.  The amount or severity of blockages will directly influence the learner’s immediate reaction or style during conflict and/or stress.  Therefore we can predetermine which learning problems your child might experience when nervous and anxious such as misreading of questions in the exams, not seeing their own mistakes, sensitivity for tone of voice/noise in class, letter reversals and so on.  The learner which potentially might experience most difficulty will be a learner that is fully blocked in stress, implying that during such times the hand and foot as well as ear and eye are inhibited if they were functioning from the non-dominant side of the brain.  Such learners need to purposefully move in class to activate the non-dominant hemisphere. 

From Grade 4 onward we also offer Study Skill workshops and in later years assistance with subject choice. GBP can be determined from age 4 onwards.

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Chantal Deacon Daniel

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