Ambassador Spotlight: PETER HERRMANN

Naturally Nourished is proud to have Peter Herrmann (Integrative Movement Practitioner) as an ambassador. His natural ability combined with discipline, hard work and a healthy lifestyle provides the perfect combination for a strong and healthy athlete. 

"My practice is based around improving movement complexity and exploring new patterns and ways in which to move. When the body is free to move in all directions with strength, speed and coordination, we become free to play! I train to rapidly adapt to, and fully engage in, whatever sport or activity I choose to do, whether it is kickboxing, MMA, climbing, surfing, trail running, hill sprints, yoga, lifting or balance to name a few."

What Peter has to say about Naturally Nourished products:

Naturally Nourished pre-workout has brought massive improvements to my training routine. There is a noticeable increase in muscular endurance and muscular response as well as focus. Whether I am doing kickboxing, yoga, strength training or endurance training. I normally struggle to “hit the sweet spot” with my own pre-workout concoctions and these days I’m guaranteed to be performing optimally every single session. The Post Workout is the best I’ve had so far. no more post workout “jits” and energy drops. It’s very easy on the digestive system, unlike most high protein post-workout blends I’ve tried. Recovery times are cut in half, I am able to continue won my weeks schedule without any heavy and sore muscles.”

Peter is also the managing director of Harmonic MycologyHarmonic Mycology sells premium-quality, ethically-sourced medicinal mushroom supplements and strives to advance societal knowledge and use of fungi. A company worth knowing about!

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